How to Activate Union Bank Mobile Banking & Mobile Transfer

How to activate union bank mobile banking  and transfer

The union bank mobile banking was launched to make it easy for customers to Bank on-the-go. The Union bank mobile banking services allows you to do the following from the comfort of your mobile device. 

  • Airtime recharge
  • Instant funds transfer
  • Pay Bills – Cable subscription, Electricity payments, toll payments, etc
  • Open an account
  • Set up standing orders
  • Book flights and hotels
  • Email banking
  • Pay school and exam fees
  • Fingerprint authentication option
  • Locate an Agent, and other features. 
  • The mobile banking from union bank  also makes it possible for you to perform Cardless withdrawal where you can generate a code and withdraw cash without using any debit card. 

You can perform all these features seamlessly from your mobile phone so long as you have a union bank account. But first you need to activate the mobile banking and now we will be looking at how to do so. 

The UnionMobile app was launched specifically to handle all these new banking features. But that is not the only channel to access the union bank mobile  banking.

How to activate union bank mobile banking 

There are two channels you can use to activate union bank mobile banking. 

The first channel is via USSD

This is particularly useful for those who are using mobile phones that do not have the Internet feature. 

  • Open your phone dialer and dial  *826#. For this to work you need to use the mobile number that is linked to your Union Bank account.
  • From the USSD options, select the option that correspond to activating. It should be the number “1”. 
  • Enter any other required details. 

You have successfully activated your line for mobile banking. 

Via UnionMobile application

Another way is to use the UnionMobile application. To activate mobile banking through this method. 

  • First, download and install the Union bank mobile app. Search for UnionMobile App on Google Play store, if you are using an Android Phone, or on the App store if you are using an IOS device.  
  • Open the installed app and Click on “Get Started” on the welcome screen. 
  • Read through and accept terms and conditions displayed. 
  • Next, enter your bank account number in the space provided and click on the submit button. To verify you own the account number and proceed with the registration, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the phone number linked to the bank account. So ensure you enter the correct account number and that your phone number is available. 
  • On the next window, enter the OTP you received on your mobile number in the space provided and then click on continue. 
  • Now enter a preferred username. It can be anything you want. You should note that the username is not your name, although you can use your name as a username. 
  • Set a password for the account. Something you can easily remember but hard for others to guess. 
  • Set a Pin for the account. This will be required as an extra security layer everytime you want to execute a transaction. 
  • You can now return to the home page and log in your new account. 


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How to activate union bank mobile transfer 

After setting up your union bank mobile banking, for you to be able to use it for transactions, you will need to activate it. Activating your union bank mobile banking is simply linking it with a debit card that will be used to fund the transactions. 

Using USSD

If you are using the mobile banking USSD, to activate union bank mobile transfer on your phone and be able to perform transactions with your profile, do the following. 

  • Open your phone dialer and dial *826*8# to access the mobile banking ussd menu. 
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your debit card. 
  • Now, enter the CVV (3-digits behind the debit card). 
  • Finally enter your debit card Pin. 

Your card will be added to your profile if all the details check out correctly. Now you can make transfers. To make transfers to other bank, just dial *826*2*amount*account no#

Using UnionMobile App

If you already have the UnionMobile App, do the following to activate union bank mobile transfer. 

  • Open the UnionMobile app on your phone and login with your username and password. If you do not have the app, you can go ahead to download and install the Union bank mobile app. Search for UnionMobile App on Google Play store, if you are using an Android Phone, or on the App store if you are using an IOS device.
  • Once you are logged into your account on the app, click on the menu button at the top left corner of the home screen. 
  • From the menu options, click on ‘My Profile’ to access profile options. 
  • Next click on ‘Activate transactions’. 
  • On the next screen Input Pan or the 15 digits on your debit card, CVV, expiry date and finally your debit card Pin in the spaces provided. 
  • Finally click on activate.

If all the details are correct, the debit card will be added to your account and when you make transactions, it will be used without you having to enter the card details again. 

Transaction code for union bank

What are the USSD short commands that I can use for quick transactions?

  • Buy Airtime for self – *826*amount#
  • Buy Airtime for someone – *826*amount*mobile no#
  • Buy Data – *826*9#
  • Transfer to Other banks – *826*2*amount*account no#
  • Withdraw cash without your card – *826*7*amount#
  • Transfer to other Union Bank accounts – *826*1*amount*account no#