How to remove Dead Skin from feet with Razor without damaging your skin

How to remove dead skin from feet with razor

Can you use a razor to remove dead skin from feet?

The areas of skin that usually undergo a lot of friction usually comes out as being very tough; way more than the other areas of skin. Sometimes, this tough skin could become really unpleasant to look at, with cracks running through the lengths and the breadths. Then, the question of whether you can use a razor to remove dead skin from feet comes in. It is first of all important that you know that the outermost layer of skin is usually very tough, and filled with several dead cells. These cells are dead because at the point of moving to the surface acquired keratin and became really hard and water proof.

There are several ways by which you can get rid of the dead skin, but then, should you use a razor to remove the dead skin from your feet? No. One thing you need to know is that the skin occurs in layers. There is the layer with really hard and dead cells, and other layers with living cells. When you use a blade to get rid of the dead skin, you expose the other layers, which wouldn’t even be ready for the pressure from friction and other rubbery forces. That is why you need to know what purpose the dead skin there serves before you get rid of it.

If you are going to use a razor to get rid of the dead skin, you should ensure that it us done by a professional—a podiatrist or some other medical professional. Not following that could lead to you damaging the skin beneath your feet. You could even end up causing some infection that would lead to some other severe conditions that you definitely want to avoid.

When people tried using razors to get rid of the skin beneath their feet, they noticed that they felt sharp and tingling feels of pain. The pain usually could arise from pressure on the nerves buried behind the dead and tough skin. So, instead of using a razor to get rid of that dead skin, you could opt for safer measures or even try to prevent them from being too prominent. Some of those measures include;

  • Padding your shoes with flat and soft shoe inserts.
  • Using medicated patches to control the rate at which calluses are formed.
  • Getting injections of cortisone around the callus to prevent it from swelling.
  • Soaking your feet to soften the calluses
  • Using pumice stones to get the dead skin out of the way.
  • Wearing socks that are thick and breathable.

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How to remove dead skin from feet with razor

If you are going to have to remove the dead skin from your feet with a razor, you are going to need to take several precautions. First, get yourself a foot shaver that already has the razor fixed within its blade inserts. The foot shaver looks like a clipper, but then, it has a round-edged metallic piece with a blade fixed into the round edge.
The following steps describe how you can remove dead skin from your feet with razor;

  • Immerse your feet in a bowl of warm water for about six minutes. The time range could be lesser though. What you just want to make sure of is that the skin beneath your feet is soft enough.
  • Add a couple drops of oil or soap to the bowl or bathtub where you kept your legs immersed in. This option is not compulsory though. It only helps to make your skin even softer and rich in its texture.
  • Grab your foot shaver, which by the way should have been previously cleaned and sharpened. You definitely wouldn’t want to shave your skin with a blade with dull edges.
  • Start moving the blade at the areas of skin that are the toughest—at the heel preferably. Then, you can move down to the softer areas.

As you shave the skin off, ensure that you regularly tap the blade of the razor against a surface so that the dead scraps of skin get dislodged. You also want to ensure that the blade is kept clean even as you work with it. To make sure of that, you could run the blades within the water your legs are immersed in wide arches.
The areas that you want to place a lot of focus on should be your heel and the ball of your feet. You also want to scrape down the area around your big toe. Those areas are the places that you would find a lot of hard skin.

  • To end this process, run a pumice stone or any other smoothening agent to exfoliate the entire skin beneath your feet.
  • Dry your feet with a towel and then, rub the scraped areas with some thick lotion for your feet.

While shaving the dead layers of skin off your feet, you have to ensure that you target the hardened skin the most. The really hardened skin is the one that comes off with a white color. Ensure that you never run the mouth of the blade across a square of really soft skin.

If you however on shaving, end up shaving the skin too deeply—enough to cause an injury—ensure that you quickly disinfect it and then, wrap it around with an ointment coupled with a bandage roll. Then, ensure that you do not take the bandage off until the next day. Most times, it is preferable that you shave at night, so that if there were a case of an injury, you could easy get your feet wrapped up.

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How to remove dead skin from feet without pumice stone

Using pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin from your feet is a much safer and local option. The pumice stone has a pretty rough texture, and works like a scrub would. However, here, we want to know how to remove dead skin from your feet without pumice stone. The following options are also safe and simple options you can try at home.

Using paraffin wax

This wax is soft, as it is made to melt at a temperature of about 51-degree Celsius. You have to ensure that the wax isn’t too hot, to prevent your skin from getting irritated or scarred with burns. When using this particular treatment, you would need to immerse your feet in a bowl of wax as frequently as possible. Once you have had your feet covered with several layers of wax, you can then proceed to wrapping your legs with something of a plastic feel.

At some point, the wax would harden against your skin. That is when you are to take it off. The dead skin usually would come off your feet along with the wax. However, you shouldn’t try this method if;

  • You are someone whose blood doesn’t flow too well.
  • You have a sore on your feet
  • If you can’t feel anything in your feet, maybe due to issues like diabetic neuropathy.

Oatmeal scrub

Oatmeal works best in exfoliation. To use this particular scrub, you could follow the procedures below;

  • Work the scrub on your feet and leave it for about thirty minutes to set.
  • Run a foot brush across your feet so as to get it properly exfoliated.
  • Rinse your feet with cold water and then, leave it to dry.
  • Work a layer of foot cream to the exfoliated skin.

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