How to Open Kuda Bank Account Online With Your Phone in 2023

How to Open Kuda Bank Account Online With Your Phone

Can I open a kuda account online?

The Kuda bank is a virtual bank, and that means that all its activities and banking operations are run online. There are also no physical bank branches that allow for interaction of the bank with the customers. So, the answer to those asking this question, ‘Can I open a Kuda account online?’ is this— yes, you can.

All you need to do is get an active mobile phone with a stable internet connection, and then, fill in every detail that is requested of you! As for the other issues like you getting your ATM card, you need not worry. The Kuda bank usually delivers the cards to its clients through delivery systems. You could also create a virtual card that gives you the access to make online payments!

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How to open kuda bank account online

Now, to open a Kuda bank account online, you’d need to follow the procedures that will be discussed shortly in this outline. However, your age must fall within the range of 18 and above.

– Download the Kuda banking app via PlayStore if you are using an Android device; or Apple Store if you are using an Apple device.

– You would be requested to create a password for your account, and then, renter the details so that there can be a validation of the details.

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– You would be prompted to fill details as regards your name, email address and phone number. When filling your name, ensure that you fill it in the same order as it is on your ID card. Then, the email address should be a functional one that you have access to. If you are Nigerian, the code for your phone number should be +234.

– You would be requested to provide a BVN. It is through the BVN that you submit that the Kuda bank can verify your details and ascertain that it is really you. However, this step can totally be skipped for the next.

– Next, you would be asked to type out the OTP that was sent to the mobile number linked to your BVN.

– Next, you’d be prompted to take and submit a clear photograph of your face. The photo is necessary for verification of your identity.

– You would be prompted to choose your gender—either male or female.

– You would be asked to type in a verification code that would be sent to you.

– Next, you would be asked to choose a login PIN. After typing in that PIN, you would be asked to verify it by re-entering the PIN within the specified box.

– Next, you would be prompted to make a request for a Kuda ATM card. As long as you are within the boundaries of Nigeria, the card would be delivered to you in two weeks. The card allows you to easily make payments online, to make withdrawals from any ATM, and to make international or local purchases. For a virtual ATM card, you could also request for it on the banking application.

Once you are done with the registration, you would be able to save money, transfer money, purchase airtime, and then, make other payments.

In case you do not have a BVN, you would also be allowed to open a bank account. However, the bank would be restricted. There are three types of accounts that can be operated with on the Kuda bank. They include the following;

  • Tier 0: Accounts in this category do not have a BVN, or any valid ID details attached to it.
  • Tier 1: Accounts in this category have BVN linked to them, but then, do not have valid ID details attached.
  • Tier 3: Accounts in this category have BVN and valid ID details attached to them.

Once you have an account, you can begin to make withdrawals and transfers as you wish. The bank has made partnerships with banks like Access bank and Zenith bank. That way, it gets easy for you to make withdrawals at any of the branches of the two banks. For these withdrawals, you wouldn’t be charged any fees.

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