How to Enroll and Register for BVN Online? – Registration Portal

How to enroll and register for BVN online

Can I enroll and register for BVN online?

Several people, after going through a stressful day at the bank, queuing and still not getting a BVN only ask one question. Whether they can enroll and register for BVN online? The process of BVN enrolment and registration is quite a complex one, and so, you cannot do all online.

You will at some point have to head over to a branch of a bank near you to finish the whole processes. Here, we will be describing all of the processes, and will also consider how the whole thing can become much easier for you!

First, when registering for a BVN, you would have to first of all enroll. After the enrolment, you would then proceed to have all your accounts linked to your BVN. The process of BVN enrolment would require you to be physically present at a bank. Why? You would have to get your passport photograph captured, your biometrics recorded, and then, your signature scanned.

All of these things must be done by your bank. So, yes, you’d have to head over to the bank nevertheless.
The only aid to this stressful process of BVN registration is the fact that some banks now provide registration forms that will aid the whole process.

So, once you obtain the form, you fill, attach the required documents, and then, submit the form online. After that, you can then head over to your bank to finish the process at your convenience.

After registering your account, the next thing would be to get it linked to your different accounts. This step is the one that you can just do online. You wouldn’t have to head physically to your bank to get it done. All you’d just need to do is log into certain portals of your bank’s website, and then, link the BVN number.

Some other ways by which you could get your BVN details linked to your account is by working with messages or USSD codes.

So, no, you cannot enroll and register for BVN just via online measures.

How to enroll and register for BVN online

Most of the very busy business men and women today have found the process of BVN registration very difficult. The reason for that is because they end up spending way too long time in the banks, with them ending up not even getting anything done.

That is why most of those people would want to know how to enroll and register for BVN online or with their phone. The truth is that BVN registration that the bank runs some personal checks like signature scan, biometrics scan and so on. Individuals cannot run these checks themselves.

The only aid available online is the pre-enrolment form that is made available online by the bank you are using. All you need to do is obtain the form, fill in the required details, and then, submit. Over time, you can then go over to the bank and then, finish the rest of the registration process.

Things have also been made much easier, since you can also link up your account to your newly obtained BVN digits online! You don’t have to queue up at banks or spend ridiculously long hours at banks. So, generally, all you have to do at the bank is the process of registration. Enrolment and account linking can be done online!

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BVN registration and enrolment portal login

The topic of BVN registration and enrolment portal login will be discussed here. To log in to the official portal for BVN registration, you need to follow the procedures below;

– Head over to the BVN registration portal for the official login page.

– Start by filling in your log in details. The details to your page would be handed over to you by the BVN registration portal. If you haven’t logged in to this site ever before, you would have to sign up with the details given by the administrators of the BVN registration portal.

– Once you log in successfully, you would receive a message to that effect. That way, you can know that you are done with this stage.

If you do not receive any message that ascertains your successful login, you can make sure of the following;

  • Ensure that your internet connection is very strong and reliable. That way, you wouldn’t have to face issues related to timeouts.
  • Ensure that you typed in your details rightly. Usually, you would be able to check the password you typed for accuracy by clicking the icon of the eye. However, before you do that, ensure that no one is looking, to be on a safer side.
  • Ensure that your ‘CAPS LOCK’ button is off. This will help if your password was typed in the block form.

If after doing all of the things listed above, you still have issues, proceed to have your cache cleared.
Or better still, you can just deactivate any VPNs (Virtual Private Network) that you may be using. Some of these networks usually end up disallowing some countries and IP addresses to successfully connect.

Now, if you are in a situation where you have forgotten the details of your password, you could easily tap the ‘Forgotten Password’ icon. Then, across your screen, you’d see instructions that will guide you on how to recover the forgotten password.

If after all of the procedures listed out here you still have issues logging in, you might need to contact the necessary authorities; i.e., those that handed over the details to your page to you.

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