Cheap AIRTEL Data Plan 2023 – Prices & Subscription Codes + Cheapest

Cheap airtel data plan

Cheap airtel data plan

Subscribing to cheap Airtel data plans might be what you need as a student, you may also want to read this article in case you need to quickly surf the internet before purchasing a more expensive plan! Here, we will be looking at the various cheap airtel data plans that you can subscribe to! These plans run for different time frames. There are subscriptions you make daily, weekly and monthly.

To subscribe to any of the plans—weekly, monthly or daily, follow the procedures listed out below;

  • Dial *141#. Ensure that you dial this USSD code via an effective Airtel SIM.
  • You would receive a list of the various plans and bundles that Airtel has to offer.
  • Choose ‘1’ if you wish to subscribe to the daily or weekly plans.
  • Choose ‘2’ if you wish to subscribe to the monthly plans.
  • Choose ‘3’ for mega plans.

You would then be asked to select any bundle of your choice. These bundles exist below the plans. Now, we will move on to the various bundles listed out under each plan.

  • N50 for 25MB data

This cheap airtel data plan runs only for a day! To subscribe to this plan with ease, dial *141*50#.

  • N100 for 75MB

This plan also lasts for a day. You could conveniently use the plan to read through the news or scroll through Facebook. To enable this plan, dial *141*100#.

  • N300 for 1GB

This plan is also another of the bundles under the daily subscriptions. To activate it, dial *141*354#

  • N500 for 2GB

To activate this plan, dial *141*504#. This plan expires after twenty-four hours.

  • N200 for 200MB

This plan lasts longer than a day. For three days, you get to use 200mb to surf through the internet! To enable this plan, dial *140*200#

  • N1000 for 3GB

This plan covers a month subscription. To enable it, dial *431#. To know what your data balance is, dial *140#.

  • N100 for 1GB

This plan covers the weekend, and all you need to do to get started is load a hundred naira card on your Airtel SIM. Then, dial *474*1# to get the plan enabled! To check for your data balance consequently, dial *140#

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Airtel cheapest data plan

For those interested in the airtel cheapest data plans available, keep your eyes glued to this section!

First, have you heard of the Airtel double data feature? No? Here’s the deal! You get back a whopping 100 per cent bonus on every subscription you make! For example, if you subscribe to a data plan worth 5GB, you would be entitled to a bonus of 5GB!

So, in a month, you have access to a data plan of 10GB! Now, this airtel cheapest data plan is something you should try out as a new Airtel subscriber. You could also check if your SIM is eligible for this bonus by dialing *144#.

Another cheap airtel data plan is the Airtel 3GB plan! With just a thousand naira (N1000), you get entitled to 3GB of data to surf the internet for a month. To activate this plan, all you need to do is dial this USSD code—*431#.

The last plan we will discuss in this section is the airtel unlimited data plan! With just ten thousand naira (N10,000), you get to surf the internet for a whole month without undergoing any form of restriction! It is only after a month that the plan expires. To activate the plan, dial *471# and follow the instructions that appear as prompt on your screen.

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