AIRTEL Weekly Data Plan – Subscription Codes and Prices 2023

Airtel weekly data plan

Airtel weekly data plan code

Airtel stands as one of the best and standard telecommunication systems in Nigeria. In this outline, we will be looking at the Airtel weekly data plan that you can subscribe to and their subscription code.

First, you need to know that the Airtel has several plans, and they all cover different time ranges. There are the daily, weekly and monthly plans. The weekly plans offer you much more than the daily plans, but less than the monthly plans. So, it is all about picking what suits your pockets best.

The airtel weekly data plans that are available include the following;

  • N300 for 350mb

This data plan lasts for a week, and to get it activated, all you need to do is dial *141*300#

  • N500 for 1GB

This data plan lasts for a week, and to get it activated, all you need to do is dial *141*502#

  • N1500 for 6GB

This plan lasts for a week, and to get it activated, dial *141*1504#

  • N500 for 750mb

This plan lasts for fourteen days. The difference between this plan and the N500 for 1GB plan is that this one burns at a slower rate. To get it activated, dial *141*500#.

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Airtel weekly data plan code

The airtel weekly data plan codes are easy to use! They are strings of USSD codes that help you in making your subscriptions on Airtel. You do not need data to get them running though. With just an effective Airtel SIM, you get to make every subscription you want.

With 300 naira, you get access to 350mb, which is valid for a week. The USSD code for this plan is *141*300#

With 500 naira, you get access to 1GB of data, which is valid for seven days. The USSD code for this plan is *141*502#

With 1500 naira, you get access to 6GB of data, and it is valid for seven days too. The USSD code for this data plan is *141*1504#

For more weekly data plans on Airtel dial *141# > select ‘Data Bundles > select ‘Weekly Plans.

Asides the regular data subscriptions, Airtel also offers weekly data plans for social media. These plans are known as the Airtel social bundles. These bundles only allow you to use certain social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, and so on.

The Airtel social data plan for 50 naira allows you to subscribe for about 40mb. This data plan stays valid for seven days. To activate it, dial this USSD code—*686*3#

The only limitation to the Airtel social data plan is that it only allows you to use social media. You cannot use the data to browse for details on Google, Opera Mini or Chrome. You also wouldn’t be allowed to watch videos on YouTube. So, you could just opt for the general data plans if you would be affected by this streamlining.

However, for YouTube, there is a special Airtel plan that you could just subscribe to. With this plan, you get to surf through YouTube for a whole week at a cheaper price. For example, with just 300 hundred naira, you get to activate the YouTube weekly plan! The USSD code for that is *323*12#.

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