Wizkid Puma Deal Worth – is Wizkid Still with Puma?

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, is undoubtedly one of the biggest music stars to come out of Africa. The Nigerian singer-songwriter is renowned globally for hits like Ojuelegba, Essence, Holla at Your Boy and many more.

Beyond music, Wizkid has also become a fashion icon and influencer. One of his most prominent partnerships has been with leading sportswear brand Puma.

At the partnership unveiling, Wizkid said he had worn Puma sneakers from young and was excited to work officially with one of his favorite brands. Both parties expressed commitment to a long-term relationship.

If you’ve been wondering whether Wizkid is still endorsed by Puma, you’re not alone.

Is Wizkid Still with Puma?

There was a bit of drama back in December 2021. Reports started circulating that Wizkid had unfollowed Puma on Instagram. Now, that raised some eyebrows because Wizkid had been a Puma brand ambassador. People starting wondering and speculating about what was going on.

According to Vlogger, Tosin Silverdam who shared a video online, He said that Puma also unfollowed Wizkid after the deal it signed with him last year october 2020 reportedly got terminated in 2021.

Around the same time, Davido became the new Puma brand ambassador.  So some fans started saying that Wizkid’s decision to unfollow Puma might be linked to Davido’s ambassadorship.

Now, the question remains, is Wizkid still with Puma? The truth is, the unfollowing incident and the Davido Puma deal stirred up quite a bit of controversy. But as of now, we are not sure Wizkid is still with Puma.

Another burning question is, what was the worth of Wizkid’s deal with Puma?

Wizkid Puma deal worth

Wizkid’s partnership with Puma was reported to be quite a big one. It’s said to be worth an estimated $1 million. That’s a hefty sum in Naira, approximately N795,000,000 when converted from dollars to our Nigerian currency. It’s a testament to Big Wiz global star power and influence.

While the deal was substantial, some sources suggest that Puma did not renew the contract with Wizkid. The reasons behind this decision aren’t entirely clear though.

But what’s clear is that Wizkid’s collaboration with Puma was a significant one, and it showcased his influence not only in Nigeria but on the global stage.