Benefits of ALAT By WEMA – Everything You Need to Know

Alat by wema bank

Alat is a digital banking platform for wema bank. it runs under the license of wema bank, it’s not subsidiary. Alat not a new company, it’s a digital banking platform.

Wema bank was incorporated on May 2nd 1945 has being in the banking business for more than 74 years. It’s one the surviving indigenous bank that is still standing in the industry today. They have being into retail business all over the years and decided to leverage on technology in order to run their retail business successfully and to outlive those managing it right now.

What is alat by wema

what is alat by wema

Alat is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank for wema. Built from the ground up to provide a secured, safe and reliable customer experience. It’s the child of wema bank which has being aggressively expanding its digital services in recent years.

Alat thrives heavily on technology and have partnered with several other technology companies which have allowed them to achieve the full potential of what it’s all about. Alat is not just a digital product it’s a digital bank and the first in Africa. This means that customers will be able to do ALL of their banking transactions without having to go to any of the bank branches.

What is alat by wema bank all about

what is wema alat all about

Alat is not different from wema bank infact the infrastructure that powers alat rests strongly on the infrastructure that powers wema bank. So customers that have being banking with wema bank get to enjoy the same security infrastructure with alat. Everything they will be doing with alat will be completely safe and reliable.

Apart from just being a digital banking app, it is also going to be your lifestyle app. Alat is partnering with almost every facet of the economy including entertainment, music, movie, education etc. it also allows you to pay for your movies, buy your books, pay your bills, renew your payments etc. So it’s not just a bank in your hand but your partner you can use to do a whole lot of things.


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Benefits of alat by wema bank

Alat has a lot of benefits and is setup in a way that customers using the platform have all have a different experience when using it. More or less alat is a virtual bank. You have no bank or physical location to go into but you still enjoy same services. Like resolution of issues and complain, 24/7 contact center, back office operation that operates 24/7. Where you lay your complains and have someone attend to your queries. This is good benefit to customers using alat. You don’t need to stress yourself going to any branch by using alat by wema bank. You get to enjoy the same services of going to the bank.

Another benefit is the interest rate. On alat savings account you have an interest rate of 10% which is triple of the rate in the industry today. In the industry the interest rate is usually 3% or 4% but with alat you get to enjoy a whooping 10% rate per annum on your alat account.

alat by wema bank what is alat by wema bank all about

Alat is available and accessible to everyone in the world provided you have access to data. As long as you have a smartphone and data with a strong signal you can access alat.

What are the benefits of alat by wema bank

  1. Full account opening in less than 5 minutes without going to any branch.
  2. You can fund from any bank account and any bank card internationally and locally.
  3. Free cards which can be delivered anywhere in the country.
  4. In app debit card activation.
  5. Instant loans.
  6. Group and individual savings with 10% interest rate.
  7. 24hrs contact center.