12 Lucrative Business in Nigeria with Small Capital in 2023

12 Lucrative business in Nigeria with Small Capital

Lucrative Business in nigeria with small capital

With the rate of unemployment in the country one can agree that starting up your own business is one of the best journey you can embark on, in this post we are going to talk about the 12 Most Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria with Small Capital

1. Food business

Food business is a very viable and lucrative business in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians especially bachelors depend on food prepared at restaurants or fast food. One good thing about food business is you can start at any level, you don’t need to build a big restaurant or fast food before you can start your food business. With your social media accounts you can advertise your different dish online and tell your friends to also tell their friends you can start sending out messages and start delivering food today, as far as man lives he will always eat.

2. E-commerce

This basically means any kind of commercial activity that happens online like blogging, drop shipping, affiliate marketing. This an amazing opportunity people use to make money every day, you can register as a vendor in any of the online stores in Nigeria e.g Jumia, Konga and display your goods on their websites, if any of your goods are ordered their agent will deliver your goods to your customer and you will get paid it’s as easy as that.

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If you have any business your doing (cloth sales, shoe sales, phone sales, provisions etc) register as a vendor in any of the online stores because most people in Nigeria prefer to buy things online and have their goods delivered at their doorstep without the stress of going to market or store to look for such goods, with Jumia and Konga they can easily find what they want and get it delivered to them, you can register today and make cool cash every day.

3. Importation business

You can import goods from other countries at a very affordable price and resell here in Nigeria. We have companies like Ali Express, Ali Baba that imports goods from China and these good are very affordable. You can also buy from these companies and resell at your own price and make profit.  See How You Can Start Importing Today

4. Transport business

Anybody can engage in transport business, with the likes of uber and taxify you can sign up to be a driver and make as much as 250k a month.

5. Car wash business

This is offering outdoor services to wash and clean the interior and exterior parts of peoples cars. You can set up your car business with attendants who wash the cars. This is a good and lucrative business in Nigeria if you set it up in a good location that has low competition.

6. Office supply

This is getting paid for supplying materials needed in offices. Most people that work in the office often feel lazy or reluctant to go out to buy materials needed in the office, you can start supplying materials they need like pen, paper, stationery, pin, carbon paper, stapler and so on and get paid, this business does not require a lot of money and anybody can engage in it.

7. Selling used cloths

It’s one of the very lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital. Selling used cloths popularly known as (okirika) is a very good and profitable business in Nigeria. Most people in Nigeria prefer to buy used cloths than buy new ones especially due to the cost of buying new ones at boutiques. You can start importing used cloths and sell to your friends, neighbours and siblings who might be interested in your merchandise.

8. Snacks making

You can start making snacks like meat pie, buns, plantain chips, chin chin and start selling or distributing to customers in major streets. This is a very good business and does not require much capital. In the case of plantain chips all you need is ripe or unripe plantains fry them and package in good nylons or labels.  You can start producing this snacks and go to areas like offices, business centers and make good money every day as people prefer to buy snacks to keep their mouth busy and stomach filled. You can also produce these snacks in very large quantities and distribute to retailers and hawkers and get paid.

9. Poultry farming

It is the act of rearing domestic birds like chicken, turkeys for the purpose of selling their meat or eggs. It is a very lucrative business in Nigeria if followed and managed properly. You can start with one thousands chicks and have over two thousand chicks and over one thousand eggs to sell at the end of the first year. See How You can Set Up  Your Poultry Business And Get Started

10. Dry cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning is a small scale business that requires little capital. One good thing about this business is that you can start this business at the comfort of your home. You don’t need to have a shop before you can start. If you’re planning on doing it on a small scale all you need is to tell your friends and people in your neighbourhood about it and relax as you get paid washing, drying and ironing their cloths. Everyone loves wearing clean cloths but not everyone enjoys the process of making those cloths clean and this is where you come in.

11. Social media management/expert

This is one of the lucrative online business ideas in Nigeria. We have so many people who have private or business accounts on facebook, instagram, twitter etc. That are looking for people to manage their social accounts. You can get paid weekly or monthly by offering these services provided you have a phone, internet access and time.

If you are popular or influential in any of the social networks i.e you have a good number of engaging audience or followers. You can get paid by displaying adverts for big companies on your page. You can also promote peoples business or songs on your page and get paid. This is a very good way of using your social media accounts to make cool money. You just need to have a good number of engaging audience not ghost followers.

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The possibility of making it in any business venture in Nigeria is very vast provided you are dedicated and do the necessary homework of that business. Start that business in your mind today with full dedication and determination you will surely succeed in that business. I hope this 12 Lucrative Business in Nigeria with Small Capital helps you.

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