How to Transfer Airtime from 9MOBILE to AIRTEL in 2023 (Etisalat)

How to transfer airtime on 9mobile

how to transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel

Do you have 9mobile sim and want to know how you can transfer airtime from your line to airtel line or other lines? alright, we’re going to find out in this post.

9mobile which formerly known as etisalat is one of the fastest growing telecommunications in Nigeria.
This telecom operator offers fast 3G and 4G internet service, cheap call and data rates and has over 25 million subscribers in Nigeria.

With the increasing rise and use of telecom operators in Nigeria, I can bet with you that one of your relatives or friends are using, if not 9mobile, they are using either airtel, mtn or glo.

And I can also bet that they have disturbed you for airtime especially in this difficult time. It’s always good to share especially if you have and I know you might be wondering how you can be able to transfer your airtime from 9mobile to your family and friends using airtel, mtn, glo or even to the ones using 9mobile like you.

Just stick to this post to find out how you can transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel and how to transfer airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile.

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How to transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel

9mobile allows you to send credit from your own sim to another sim. This literally means that you can transfer airtime from you own airtime balance to another person’s airtime.

Just as you can transfer money from your bank account to another person’s bank account, you can literally do the same but this time, with your airtime.

However this service is only limited to 9mobile users, what do I mean? it means you can ONLY transfer your airtime to the account of another mobile user, you can’t transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel, mtn or glo users.

You can only transfer airtime form your 9mobile sim to the 9mobile sims of your family and friends, if they don’t have 9mobile sim, you recharge their mtn, glo or airtel sim from your own bank account.

In cases where your family or friends have a 9mobile sim and you want to transfer your airtime to them, its very easy and does not take time at all, just follow the steps below.

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How to send credit from 9mobile to airtel

How to transfer airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile

Just like other telecom operators, before you can be able to transfer airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile you need to have a 9mobile transfer pin.

This is a short code you’ll be using to make airtime transfers, but before now, you’ve already being assigned a default pin which is 0000, but you wounldn’t want use this as your pin would you?

It’s better you change this pin to your own personal pin that you can remember to avoid unauthorized users from making transfer on your 9mobile with your consent. To change this pin is very easy and straight forward, here it is below.

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How to change transfer pin on etisalat

To change your default 9mobile or etisalat transfer pin to your own personal pin, here is the code to do that; *247*Default Pin*New Pin#

Example; if they the new pin you want to change to is 1357, remember your default pin is 0000 and your new pin must be 4 digits too.

Then use your mobile device to dial; *247*0000*1357# and send, you’ll will receive a notification immediately confirming your change of pin.

After successfully changing your 9mobile transfer pin, you can now go ahead and make airtime transfer, this very easy too, just follow through below.

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How to transfer airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile

Make sure you have enough airtime on your mobile device, depending on the amount of airtime you want to transfer. You can check your account balance by dialing *232#.

The code to make transfer from 9mobile to 9mobile is very simple and short, just dial using this format; *223*New Pin*Airtime Amount*Recipient’s Phone Number#

Example; If the Recipient’s Phone Number (the person you’re transferring to) is 08012345678, the Airtime Amount you’re transferring is N100 and your New Pin is 1357, the ussd code you’ll be dialing will be;
*223*1357*100*08012345678# and send.

Afetr dialing that, you’re going to receive a message immediately, telling you to confirm your transfer transaction, make sure the phone number and airtime is correct before pressing 1 to confirm, otherwise press 2 to cancel.

If you press 1, you’ll receive a notification confirming your transfer and the airtime will be deducted from your account balance and sent to your recipient’s account, very easy right?

Note: You can’t transfer airtime having kobo in it. Example; you can’t transfer N100.50 but you can transfer N100 and any transfer you make cannot be reversed, so make sure everything is in order before confirming your transaction.

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Quick Summary

How can I transfer airtime from 9mobile/etisalat to Airtel?

9mobile only allows you to transfer airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile. This means you cannot transfer or send credit from etisalat to airtel or any other network, the recipient must be using etisalat network.

How can I change my transfer pin in 9mobile/etisalat?

The ussd code to change or reset your 9mobile transfer pin is *247*Default Pin*New Pin#. Example; if the new etisalat pin you want to change to is 1357 and your default pin is 0000, then using your mobile device dial; *247*0000*1357# and press send, you’ll receive a message immediately confirmation your change of pin.


With the information in this post, you’ll see that you can’t transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel, mtn or glo but you can only transfer airtime from your 9mobile sim to another 9mobile sim, don’t forget to share this post to your friends on facebook to let them know about this too.

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