How to Send Please Call Me on MTN with Short Code for Free in 2023

How to send call me back on mtn

how to send please call me on mtn

Are you low on airtime and want to make an important call across someone but don’t know how to go about it, do you know you can actually send them a “please call me” message using your mtn sim at no cost at all? Alright relax because in this post you’re going to see how to do that, it’s very easy and straightforward.

Mtn is the largest telecom service provider in Nigeria with over 60 million subscribers. They have one of the best network service coverage across the country and have provided a lot of services that have made life easier for their subscribers.

One of those services is the “Please call me back service on mtn”, this is a service that enables you to send a please call me back sms to someone you want to talk to on the phone. It’s more like requesting a call from someone whenever you don’t have airtime to call the person.

This “Please call me back service on mtn” is totally free of charge, you don’t need to have any airtime on your sim before you can send the message. All you need to have is the person’s phone number which of course must be an mtn number, if it’s not an mtn phone number the sms will not go through.

So the person’s number must be an mtn number before the message can go through, so having known that let’s see How you can send please call me back sms with your mtn sim to another mtn number.

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How to send mtn call me back

If you want to send please call me back to someone with your mtn sim, that’s requesting them to call you, then just dial *133#.

Once you dial that code, you’ll be asked to enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to, you can then enter the number make sure it’s an mtn phone number.

After entering the phone number, a list of “call me back” messages will be shown to you; you are to choose the particular one you want to send. Below is the list of mtn “call me back” messages you are to choose from.

  1. Call me
  2. Call me back. I love you
  3. Send me Credit
  4. Call me. I have gist for you
  5. Call me. I need your assistance

Select the option for the particular message you want to send to the person and press ok.

After doing that you’ll get a pop up notification that looks like this “Yello, You have successfully sent Please call me …..” The person you sent the message to will receive it immediately and will then call you.

Like I said the “Please call me back message on mtn” is totally free of charge and can only be sent from your mtn number to another mtn number, however this message is limited to 5 times per day meaning that you can only send it 5 times a day, once you send up to 5 times you won’t be allowed to send again until the next day.

This “Please call me back” service on mtn is very beneficial and can help you talk to your friends and loved ones even when you don’t have airtime, it also help you in urgent situations when yo really need to talk to someone urgently but you don’t have airtime or even flashing credit. You can just send them a call me back message and hopefully if they have airtime they will give you a call.

However if after sending the “Please call me back” message on mtn and the person you sent it to didn’t call you probably they don’t have airtime on their phone and you need to talk to them urgently, you can just use the mtn borrow me service.

This is a service that allows you to borrow airtime or credit from mtn and pay back later, let’s quickly see how you can borow airtime with your mtn sim and pay back later.

How to borrow airtime from mtn

If you want to borrow airtime from mtn just dial *606#. A list of airtime options that you’re eligible to borrow will be displayed to you.

Select the option of the airtime you want to borrow and press send. After doing that your account will be credited instantly with the airtime you selected and a 15% service charge will be deducted.

You can then use this airtime to make calls, send message and subscribe for data.

This airtime will be deducted in your next recharge and you can borrow as many times you want until you reach the limit set for you. Once you reach the limit you won’t be able to borrow against until you pay your outstanding debt.

Note: Your current airtime must be less than N100 before you be able to borrow and your mtn sim must be eligible before you can be allowed to borrow.

To know more about mtn borrow me service and how to be eligible read this detailed post on how to borrow airtime on mtn.


That’s how to send “Please call me back on mtn” and how you can also borrow airtime from mtn. With these two services you can never be stranded anywhere, you can use any of those services to reach out to someone you want to talk to anytime any day. If this post was helpful to you, don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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