How to Reverse Airtime Purchase from Zenith Bank (2023)

how to reverse airtime purchase from zenith bank

Buying airtime using your bank account is norm in this our modern age. However, mistakes can happen, you might accidentally purchase the wrong amount of airtime or send it to the wrong number. If you find yourself in this situation there’s no need for you to worry. In this article we’ll guide you on how you can reverse an airtime purchase from Zenith Bank.

You might want to reverse your Airtime purchase from zenith bank due to various reasons. Some of the common scenarios include:

  • Purchasing more than what you intended to purchase.
  • Sending airtime to the wrong recipient.
  • Failed transactions which resulted to multiple deductions.

Once you realize that you’ve made a mistake in your airtime purchase, you need to act promptly to reverse the transaction. Follow the steps below to reverse your airtime purchase from zenith bank.

How to reverse airtime purchase from zenith bank

Contact Zenith bank Customer care

The first step is to reach out to Zenith Bank’s customer support. You can contact them via their phone number, email, social media pages or their official website. Explain the situation and let them know that you need to reverse an airtime purchase.

Provide the required Details

When speaking with zenith bank customer care representative, make sure you provide all the necessary details of the airtime transaction.

They might ask you details like; your zenith bank account number, the amount of airtime you purchased, the recipient’s phone number, date of the transaction and any reference numbers associated with the transaction.

Make sure you provide them with the correct details, this will help them in rectifying the transaction.

Wait for Verification

After providing your details, the bank’s representative would ensure the validity of your request by asking you some security questions to verify your identity. This is important to prevent unauthorized reversals in your account.

Airtime reversal

Once your identity is verified and the mistake in your airtime transaction has been confirmed, the zenith bank customer support representative will start the reversal process.

They will also give you an estimated time when the reversal will be completed. You just have to be patient until the reversal is complete and the funds credited back to your account.

Usually, you will receive a message or email notification informing you of the successful reversal. Check your account to confirm this.

Note:  You cannot reverse an airtime that has been used. That is why you need to reverse the airtime purchase as soon as you notice the mistake in the transaction. Once the airtime has been used, it cannot be reversed.


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How to avoid mistake in your zenith bank airtime purchase

While airtime purchase reversals are possible, it’s always better to prevent such situations. Below are some things you can do to avoid such from repeating itself.

  1. Before confirming any airtime transaction, make sure you double check the airtime amount and recipient’s phone number. Avoid been in a haste or been distracted while purchasing airtime from your zenith bank.
  2. Make sure your network signal is strong in any of the medium you’re using to purchase the airtime to avoid multiple or duplicate deductions.
  3. Try to keep a record of your transactions, including reference numbers. Don’t be in haste to delete them until you’re certain there’s no mistake or error in the transaction. This will be helpful in case you need to request a reversal.

That’s how to reverse an airtime purchase on your zenith bank account. If you ever find yourself in this situation, follow the steps outlined in this guide. Remember to take precaution while performing any transaction to avoid going through the hassle of reversing it later on.


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