How to Reverse Airtime Purchase from Access Bank

In this post, we are going to outline the steps on how to reverse airtime purchase from your access bank account.

Purchasing airtime today has been made easier, more reliable, faster, efficient, and more effective so much so that you can purchase it from anywhere or place even from the comfort of your home.

You can purchase airtime through several ways like using Access bank mobile banking app which requires data or using the Access bank USSD code (*901*Amount#) for personal purchase and (*901*Amount*Phone Number#) for purchasing for family or friends. This can be done from any and every model of phone to your preferred network choice (Airtel, 9mobile, MTN, Glo).

As much as there is so much ease to purchasing airtime whether online or using USSD code, we are still prone to making mistakes even if it’s when purchasing airtime. For example, you want to transfer money but instead, you purchase airtime or intend to purchase airtime but type in the wrong amount like N10,000 instead of N1,000.

This happens sometimes and it brings up the question of how to reverse the airtime purchase which is what we are going to share some steps on how it can be done.

Firstly, we should know that Access Bank has a precaution in the form of having a maximum amount of airtime purchased daily which is N5,000 so with this any other higher amount inputted will be invalid.

There are a few things that need to be checked first before trying to reverse an airtime purchase error, they are:

  • You must be sure that the phone number used to purchase the airtime is registered with your bank
  • You must make that the purchased airtime has not been used especially in cases where the airtime was sent to the wrong number
  • You must have the Access Bank customer care line or email handy


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How to reverse airtime purchase from access bank

  1. First contact access bank customer care, through their numbers (07003000000, 01-2802500, 01-2712005-7) or their support center on their official website ( their email:[email protected]
  2. Provide any and all details requested of by the customer care representative,
  3. Then wait, cause the process may take some time as the bank will have to contact telecom service line so that the reversal can be done.
  4. After which, upon the reversal being successful the money will be transferred back to your bank account.


There needs to be the application of caution when inputting the amount for airtime purchase, money transfer and any transactions because some times some mistakes may not be undoable. Plus as an added advantage, this steps for the reversal of airtime purchase from access bank also applies to a situation of sending airtime to a wrong number or purchasing airtime when intending to transfer money (although the details required may differ) and it works for all banks.


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