How to Make Banana Pudding the Black Way from Scratch

 How to make banana pudding the black way

African American banana pudding history

The African American banana pudding history is one story that every lover of this pudding should know about! The fuse of two different continents into the name would have anyone curious! Which of the two own the pudding? Which continent created it first? First, know that bananas, which are the major constituents of the pudding, were not fruits that could grow in the American environment. The climatic condition couldn’t sponsor their growth.

So, the Americans had to rely on the Africans for the bananas. Several bunches of bananas were imported into the country and that was how the magic began. Due to the free availability of the bananas, they began to deploy means by which they could make banana recipes. Of course, that act only showed the creativity of the American people.

The first recipes were wrapped around foods like custard, cakes, and some other confectionaries. However, as time went on, a woman—Laura Kerley—was able to develop the recipe for banana pudding. The recipe involved the use of ingredients like custard made with vanilla flavoring, bananas, and wafer sticks. All of this happened in 1921.

Soon enough, the banana pudding began to gain the interest and attention of several people. The pudding was one of the easiest and tastiest things to make. Due to the fact that the pudding comprised several colorful layers, it became something that could be served at large and important meetings. The pudding melted the taste buds of all who tasted it, and soon enough, everyone wanted to keep on eating it! So let’s see how you can make banana pudding the black way.

 How to make banana pudding the black way

For tips on how to make banana pudding the black way, follow the steps below;


1. Vanilla pudding: This pudding is made with the ingredients below;

  • Cornstarch: Due to the density of cornstarch, it is used as a binding agent for the pudding
  • Sugar: The kind of sugar that is best for pudding is the one with granules. It sweetens your pudding and allows for the uniform distribution of your egg mix.
  • Salt: This ingredient helps to season your pudding.
  • Whole milk: This ingredient should never be left out. It helps your pudding taste smooth, creamy and milky!
  • Cream: For your banana pudding, it is best to work with heavy cream. It helps to incorporate an added creaminess to your pudding. It also tastes a lot better than milk.
  • Egg yolks: Egg yolks are a rich source of protein, so when you add them to your pudding, it becomes richer. It also helps your pudding attain more creaminess.
  • Vanilla extract: The vanilla pudding would never be complete without the vanilla extract. It richens the flavor of your food and makes it taste even sweeter.

2. Banana pudding: For your banana pudding, you’d need the ingredients below;

  • Vanilla wafers: Wafers had texture to your pudding. What this means is that you get to chew on something as you take your pudding. When choosing your wafers, ensure that you get something that can easily get soft within the pudding.
  • Bananas: What is banana pudding without a bunch of bananas? With a bunch of ripe bananas, you are good to go! However, you shouldn’t get bananas with an overly soft mesh.
  • Whipped cream: When heavy cream is whipped, it becomes way lighter and delectable. To make whipped cream at home, you need the cold and heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract. The whole process involves you whisking the ingredients together in strategic manners.
  • General-purpose flour: This ingredient is what you can work with in a situation where you do not have cornstarch. Cornstarch and this flour can be used in the same ratio.
  • Evaporated milk: If you don’t have whole milk, use evaporated milk.
  • Meringue: Most times, when making your pudding the old way, you can replace whipped cream with meringue.
  • Instant pudding: You would get the instant pudding mix from stores. This ingredient is for those that would like to skip all the production process and just get the result!
  • Crackers: Crackers can be sued to replace wafers. Either ingredient just helps ensure that there is a degree of texture to your pudding.


Before we head right into the procedures to take to make your banana pudding the black way, let’s study a couple tips you might want to adopt!

  • Banana pudding is all about the richness of the different layers. That is why you want to ensure that each layer is rich and loaded with ingredients like caramel sauce, chocolate gravy, etc.
  • Bananas often get discolored after they have been cut. To prevent the discoloration from happening, ensure that you dip the chunks in lemon juice.
  • If you want your bananas having a very rich taste, ensure that you get them caramelized! To do that, slice them onto bits and then, set them aside. In another plate, pour in sugar and then, begin to roll the sliced bananas into the sugar until every part is coated. Now, grease the bottom of a non-stick pan and then, add in the coated bananas. Ensure that your cooker is on medium heat. Cook the bananas until they turn golden brown. The bananas should be flipped after a while.
  • If you are a fan of very crunchy and rich pudding, feel free to add other ingredients like toasted coconut, marshmallows, etc.
  • Banana pudding usually is made in layers, and it would be really great if you found a way to embellish the different layers. To get creative, ensure that you use a piping bag to make the different layers of the pudding.


1. Mix all the dry ingredients first—cornstarch, sugar, and salt.

2. Mix the wet ingredients next—milk, heavy cream, egg yolks.

3. Mix the wet and the dry ingredients together with the aid of a whisk. Ensure that you do this carefully to avoid lumps. You also should continue to whisk until the sugar dissolves completely.

4. Place a pan on a cooker with medium heat. Now, pour the mix into the pan and stir vigorously. What this process does is to allow the mix get even thicker.

5. After about ten minutes, remove the pudding from heat and then, allow the temperature to cool down.

6. Now, add in butter and vanilla extract. Mix them in until they are uniformly distributed.

7. Pour the thickened pudding into a bowl and then, place a plastic wrap over the bowl. That way, the surface of the pudding doesn’t form a skinny layer.

8. In any of your serving dishes, lay out vanilla wafers at the base. Add in some slices of your fresh banana fruit.

9. Add either pudding or whipping cream next

10. Continue to alternate the layers using any ingredients or toppings of your choice.

11. Finish the layers with whipped cream.

12. Ornate the uppermost layer of the pudding with the aid of wafers or crackers.

13. Store your pudding in the fridge.

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