How to Load 9MOBILE/ETISALAT Card on Your Phone With Code

How to load etisalat airtime/credit

How to load card on 9mobile

Have you being trying to load card on your 9mobile sim but don’t seem to know the code to do that? Alright look no further, we got you covered in this post because you’re going to find out how to do that in few minutes.

9mobile formally known as etisalat is one of the network service providers in Nigeria with a good number of users, even though they might not be very popular or used as the main line of some people, trust me a good number people still buy 9mobile sims for one benefit or the other either for calls or data plan subscription.

The question “How to load card on 9mobile”  is highly searched on google everyday, reason is because like I said the 9mobile sim most times is not regularly used or recharged by their users that’s why people tend to always forget how to load card on it.

If you’re one of those people or you just bought a 9mobile sim and want to know how to load credit or airtime in it you’re in the right place, that which you seek is right below this post lol, it’s very easy and straight forward.

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How to load 9mobile recharge card

The code to load recharge card on your 9mobile sim is *222*PIN#. If you buy a 9mobile recharge card, you’ll notice the 15 digits number bodly written on the middle of the card, that’s the pin you’re going to dial.

Example if the pin on the 9mobile recharge card is 7859-9834-8567-642, then to load this recharge card or airtime dial *222*785998348567642#. Once you dial it your 9mobile account will be credited instantly with the recharge card amount you bought and you and you can use this airtime to make calls, subscribe, send messages and so on.

To check your 9mobile airtime account balance dial *232# and your account balance will be displayed to you instantly.

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How to recharge/load card for another person’s line on 9mobile

Do you know that you can load 9mobile airtime or credit directly into another person’s 9mobile line using your own phone to dial the code? this means you can recharge another person’s 9mobile line using your own phone to do it. Well it’s very simple, it’s the same as just loading a 9mobile recharge card on your phone but this time the airtime or credit goes to the person you want to recharge their line.

Now I’m not talking about transferring airtime from 9mobile to 9mobile, this method is much more easier than that. All you need is a 9mobile recharge card and the person’s  phone number and you’re good to go.

To load airtime on another person’s line using a 9mobile recharge card just dial *222*PIN*Receiver’s phone number#. Example if the 15 digits pin on the 9mobile card you want to load  for the person is 7859-9834-8567-642 and the 9mobile phone number of the person you want to send the card to is 08123456789(Receiver’s phone number) then just dial *222*785998348567642*08123456789#. Once you dial it, the person’s 9mobile airtime account will be credited instantly with the recharge card.

Note: The person must be using a 9mobile line for this to work, you can’t do this for someone using mtn, airtel or glo, the person must have a 9mobile line and that’s the one you can recharge using this method.

However if you have enough airtime on your 9mobile account balance you can simply transfer some airtime to the person’s account. This is how to transfer airtime from your 9mobile line to another 9mobile line, just choose any method that’s convenient for you, either by recharging their line using your phone to load the card or you simply transfer airtime to them if you have enough on your own line.

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How many digits is 9mobile recharge card

9mobile recharge card has a 15 digits PIN written on it. To load the 15 digits 9mobile PIN dial *232*PIN#


That’s how to load credit or airtime on 9mobile and how to recharge another person’s line, if this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share it to your family and friend using the share buttons on this post.

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