Good Cover Letter in Nigeria – Detailed Step By Step Guide 2023

Good Cover Letter in Nigeria

How to write a good cover letter in Nigeria

Writing a good cover letter in Nigeria is important when you are applying for a job yet people don’t write a cover letter or put in the time to write an effective one, so how do you write a perfect cover letter?

In this article I’m going to share with you how to write a good cover letter in nigeria

The purpose of a cover is letter is to give an introduction of who you are, why you are interested in the position and why you think you are perfect for the position

Even if you don’t have any experience you can always write a cover letter that will impress the hiring manager and get you the job

Steps on how to write a good cover letter in Nigeria

  • Determine your skills

You need to identify your skills before applying for any job, you might be good at communication/public speaking or you have good research abilities or time/teamwork management, you might possess any of this skills and it’s important you know and identify them, you might have also developed some skills from your achievements or past experiences identify them and know the ones you are required to have for the job.

  • Compare your skills with the job

In any job you are applying there must be skills the employer is actually looking for and want you to have now base on the skills you possess you have to compare them with the skills required in the job description and make sure the match, you must have indicated this skills in your CV but it’s also important to include it in your cover letter.

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Formats of a good cover letter in Nigeria

Firstly the cover letter header should have your name, address, phone number and email address after that you should have the receiver’s name or title, company name and address at the top left below the cover letter header.

You can start the letter with ‘Dear Hiring manager’ in case you don’t know the name of the hiring manager

  • First paragraph – The introduction;

who you are

the position you are applying for

where and how you found the job opening

brief summary of your qualification or interest in the position

  • Second paragraph

    – Why you are perfect for the job

Your qualifications and achievements

Use a convincing language and don’t repeat the information already in your CV

  • Third paragraph & Closing

    – Why the company is perfect for you

Gather up the main points you introduced

Ask them to give you a call and schedule an interview

Thank them for taking the time out to consider you

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It’s natural to be nervous when searching for a job especially when it’s your first time but you need to be confident in yourself because that’s the key to conveying your skills and compelling the employer that you’re fit for the role, so don’t worry follow the above steps on the How to write a good Cover Letter in Nigeria for a Job.