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Glo WhatsApp Plan

Glo social bundle for whatsapp

Have you run out of data? But still want to stay in touch with your family and friends on whatsapp and other social media platforms? Not to worry, we got you covered. In this post your going to see the various glo social bundles that can help you be in touch with your loved ones on whatsapp and other social media platforms at a very friendly plan/budget.

We understand how difficult it is most times to get a good and affordable data plan. Even when you come across a data plan that seems okay, you’ll still end up subscribing multiple times for that data plan in a short period of time because of how quickly the data plan gets exhausted. This, sometimes can be due to the ridiculous rate some of these telecom operators zap their data.

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you’re spending more than you need on data every month most especially when your sole aim of subscribing is primarily to keep in touch with your loved ones on whatsapp and social media.

So instead of having to spending more money on regular monthly or weekly data plans on glo, it will be more beneficial for you to opt in for their social bundle plan which is far more affordable than the regular plans and will also suit your need.

Without further ado, below is how you can opt in for the glo whatsapp plan and for other social media platforms of your choice.

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Unlike other telecom operators, the whatsapp plan on glo comes in form of the glo social bundle plan. Which consists of Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and also known as the WTF plan. This means that there’s no separate plan for whatsapp alone on glo, it is joined together with other social media platforms.

This is way better for you if you have loved ones in other social platforms you would love to keep in touch with. By combining all social platforms into the glo social bundle, it will not only save you the hassle of having to subscribe for each of them separately but will also save you money.

However, this doesn’t mean you will have to use other social platforms if you don’t have any need for them. If you sole aim of going for this plan is for whatsapp then stick to just whatsapp but also have in mind you can still access facebook and twitter but it should be in moderation so as not to exhaust the data quickly.

Having known that let’s see the code for the glo whatsapp plan or glo social bundle plan. Ensure you have enough airtime for the plan you’re going for.

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Glo whatsapp subscription code

To subscribe for the glo whatsapp social bundle plan Dial *777# > Select Data > Buy Data Plan > Select 1 or 2 (Auto-renew or One-Off) > Select 6 (Social Bundles) > Select 1 WTF (Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook) Bundles > Then Select the package you want (Daily, Weekly or Monthly package).

Below are the available glo social bundle packages;
1. N25 = 100MB valid for 1 Day
2. N50 = 200MB valid for 7 Days
3. N100 = 500MB valid for 30 Days

To check your glo whatsapp or social bundle balance dial *127*0# or send INFO to 127 (text message) and details of your social bundle balance including its validity will be sent to you.

If you selected the Auto-Renew feature and would like to stop the glo social bundle from renewing automatically then send CANCEL to 127 (text message).

With the glo whatsapp and social bundle plan, there’s no excuse for you not being online. With as little as 25 naira you can connect and reach out to your family and friends on social media. All thanks to glo for making this data plan available to their customers, we hope for more friendly data plans like this from the telecom Giants!

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