AIRTEL Daily Data Plan 2023 – Code for 2GB, 1GB Daily Bundles

Airtel daily subscription

airtel daily data plan

In my previous post we talked about the airtel monthly plans but today, we’re going to be looking at the airtel daily data plan, their prices and how to subscribe to any of them.

The airtel daily data plan is one of the most affordable plans you can subscribe to. It can be very beneficial in urgent situations and can also help you save a lot of cost.

Data is essential in our daily life. It’s very difficult staying without data, we always have one or two things to do online. Even if we don’t necessarily have any important task to do online, we would always love to keep busy with our social media, youtube or even stream our favourite videos or songs online.

With all these, you can agree with me that data is indeed a necessity of life, can you even imagine life without data and internet? well let’s not even go there. So my point is, we always need data in our daily lives.

But the question is, in spite of all these, is data easily accessible? looking at the unreasonably high prices of data provided by the telecom operators in Nigeria, you can agree with me that data is not easily gotten in terms of the prices.

So what do we now do when we have task to do online? this is where the airtel daily data plan comes in. This plan is readily available for anyone that have one or two things to do online within 24 hours. This could be to download a song or video, download files, chat an important friend on social media etc.

With the airtel daily data plan, you need not worry about subscribing for a weekly or monthly plan, if you don’t have money for that or you don’t have much to do online you can always subscribe for this daily data plan.

Whatever thing it is you can always solve it with the airtel daily data plan. Unlike what most people think, the airtel daily data plan are not just small data plans, we still have big packages that are available in the daily plan. Depending on what you want to do online or your budget, this plan will surely cover you.

So let’s quickly check out the airtel daily data plan, their prices and subscription codes.

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Airtel daily data pack

Like I said earlier the airtel daily data plan comes in both small and bigger packages, inorder to make this post more comprehensible, I’m going to list the small packages before the big packages together with their activation code at the end of the big plans.

Airtel one day plan

All packages in this section last for 24 hours except for one which lasts for 72 hours (3 days), after that your data plan will be terminated and all unused data will be taken unless you auto renew.

1. Data Plan: 40MB / Price: N50/ Duration: 1DAY

Who could imagine that we would one day have access to the internet for as low as N50. This is a really nice one from airtel I must say, now you don’t have anymore excuse of not being online. You can use this plan to chat with your friends and it would last for you that day.

2. Data Plan: 100MB / Price: N100 / Duration: 1DAY

With 100MB you can download few of your favourite songs online and chat with your friends throughout the day for just N100. You can as well get 200MB for the same N100 on the airtel “My Offer” package.

3. Data Plan: 1GB / Price: N300 / Duration: 1DAY (Big Plan)

This is one of the best deals you can get on the airtel daily data plan. Apart from the airtel N200 for 1gb, you still get to enjoy 1gb for just N300. Now you can go watch youtube videos, download files and stream your favourite songs all day.

4. Data Plan: 2GB / Price: N500 / Duration: 1DAY (Big Plan)

Paying N500 for 2gb is not bad. Depending on what you want to do online, if you have heavy task to complete or download online within 24 hours, then you can go for this plan.

5. Data Plan: 200MB / Price: N200 / Duration: 3DAYS

I made this data package the last because it’s a little bit different. If none of those plan above suit you or you don’t think you can finish the data within 24 hours, then this package is best for you. 200MB for N200 which will last you for complete 3 days! (72 hours).

How to activate 
To activate any of the above airtel daily data plan:

Dial *141#

  • Select 2 – Buy a Data Bundle
  • Select 1 – Daily/Weekly Bundles

Then Select any of the above data plan you want and Press Send/Ok. You’ll receive a message confirming your successful activation of the data plan, further details of the data plan including the duration would be sent to you. To check data balance dial *140#.


That’s all the airtel daily data plan, go for any of them if you don’t have enough cash for weekly or monthly plan and don’t forget to share this post to your friends using the share buttons on this post.

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