Airtel Awuf Data Code 2023 – How to Get 15GB & 45GB Awuf Data Bonus

airtel awuf data code

Airtel awuf data

Who wouldn’t like getting an unbelievable offer or package for a little amount of money? Virtually everybody I would say, including you. You sure will like to get twice, thrice, or even 10 times in value when you are making a purchase. Imagine getting all these unbelievable offers on your data plan. That is a lot of extra data you can use for so many things. And that is what Airtel Awuf is all about – getting so much more in value. So in this post, you’re going to see the amazing benefits this Airtel Awuf data and the code to activate it.

You won’t find any data package or tariff plan by the name Airtel awuf data on the Airtel network. But Airtel offers some special mouth-watering data plans that will leave you saying, “this one na awuf”.

Amongst the lineup of data plans on Airtel, some data plans offer more data value than others of the same monetary value. What Airtel does is to make some cuts either plan validity or bonus to make it less attractive.

But for a heavy data user, this reduction in validity period does not have much effect considering that you can exhaust the data plan halfway into the validity period.

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Airtel awuf data code

If by Airtel Awuf data code you are looking for codes to buy amazing data plans for small money in the Airtel network? Then you have come to the right place. Below are some amazing data offers you can grab on the Airtel network.

– Get twice the value of the N500 plan but with a shorter validity period. For N500 you can get 2GB worth of data valid for 2 Days. A heavy data user wouldn’t mind the reduction in the validity period.

There are no YouTube night bonuses attached to this plan. This shouldn’t be a concern if you are a daytime surfer. Better to get more data volume than a YouTube night plan that you might not even be awake to use at all. The choice is up to you.

Dial *141*504# to activate this plan.

– Get 3 times the value of the N3,000 Everyday-ON plan. The N3,000 plan gives you daily data totaling 15GB in 30 days.

– With N6,000, instead of getting double the value for the N3,000 offer, you get thrice the data value. That is 45GB over a period of 30 days for N6,000. 1.5 GB daily instead of 500 MB daily. To buy this plan, dial *141*6002#

– Another amazing data offer from Airtel is the unique SmartTrybe data plan. Instead of the basic N500 plan that gives you 1GB of data for 7 days, Get 1.5GB of data lasting for a period of 7 days for just N500.

Dial *141*505# activate this plan.

This plan, however, is only available to users on Airtel SmartTrybe and Smart Talk tariff plans.

– For night crawlers, Airtel has a juice data value for you + the Airtel night data. Get 500 MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N200 valid 5 hours from 12am to 5am.

You cannot find any day plan that is halfway cheaper than this. To get this offer, you need to be on the SmartTrybe tariff plan.

Dial *312# and choose from the menu to buy this plan.

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